Choco Lite WARNING: Plagiarism with WIRKUNGSLOSEM shayk

Choco-Lite you must remove a delicious taste of cocoa clubs. Especially if the efficiency is the same as when the ordinary cocoa trade: Zero. Thanks to massive advertising campaigns is a Russian company in Choco Lite notice already in several countries of the Eastern bloc and countries by thousands of deceived customers. Now, the company seems to have deliberately targeted German customers.

Six ingredients stuck according to the official Choco Lite website:

Most of the ingredients already known from other products. Users were consistently disappointed with the lack of effect. It is the Acai berry, Goji berries and extracted Green Coffee are the ingredients that are in the trend. Last year alone, about two dozen products (including Slimsona, Redupexal and Riboslim) with these substances were released on the market. Choco Lite in pharmacy wanted here, probably, still on time in the train to jump.

This is in particular the development of some studies attribute to the, Green coffee extract is considered the best solution to fight against Obesity have been presented. According to MEDIA was the resonance about a new miracle of the tool. Sales of slimming products, where Green Coffee Extracted was contained a shot in the ceiling.

Only after the scientists managed to put some study to resist and call the perceived impact of counter. In the relevant studies was partially bypassed with a very imprecise data collected. In other studies of extracted green coffee, it is even systematic fraud and falsification of results acted upon.

However, despite these scandalous developments, it remained largely quiet around the green coffee. And this circumstance use doubtful manufacturers, for as long as possible of the ignorance of customers and enjoy the abzukassieren. Although the inefficiency has been proven for a long time.

The consumption of Green Coffee can lead extract after a prolonged use of certain side effects. To blame chlorogenic acid, the main active ingredient of Green Coffee extracted.

It has other side effects:

Choco-Lite Promise Promotion Choco-Lite: Biologically impossible

Promotion of the declaration Choco Lite opinion has: 10kg need four weeks to lose weight.

For most people, this is the sharp drop, however, it is physiologically impossible. Pretend.

One kilo of fat contains 7000 kcal. That is to say for a kilo of fat lose weight, we need to know about 7000 calories. Ten kilos is 70,000 kcal.

The average woman burns in the night no more than 2000 kcal. 70,000 divided by 2000 = 35. Even if food is not essential, therefore, for most women is not possible to fat 10kg for the four weeks to lose weight. And once you eat something, even less so. And someone has tried once to eat one to three days does not know anything, as it is difficult against the feeling of hunger, to fight with them.

We say: 10kg with Choco Lite in pharmacy in 4 weeks lose weight, it's impossible!

Choco Lite comments: photos were wrong

How surprising it is is unlikely that these exaggerated advertising statements supported by false photos are not likely. All photos allegedly successful users of Choco Lite success stories from different locations were taken without tagging.

These acts are banned in Germany, of course, and from the German supplier will cost a lot of money non-compliance.

Therefore, it is only suitable for the good in the design that for the Choco Lite public right to schemas, the company is based in Russia mask. Until the page can not have legal notices of indications, or even condition, same Internet address hired by intermediaries.

Just a little link at the end of the Choco Lite page in pharmacy, makes it a carefully affiliate program. On this subject owes the new advertisers, which in the marketing of ChocoLite will help you to earn money and for this he has earned.

Studies show that there are links to AdCombo's ad agency advertising partners simultaneously and manufacturer of Choco Lite reviews. AdCombo offers in Germany, and not only to the Choco-Lite, but had lived and dozens of other products. Under the Council of face creams, anti-wrinkle creams and several products against varicose veins.

All the mesh used. Authority acting as Internet portals of chance displays advertising banners that redirects to a page that visually resembles strongly the pharmacy of the News. It will then be in a kind of New contributions Gesichtcrame, the anti-wrinkle cream or ChocoLite aven to lose weight miracle is presented. The user clicks on something on the side, it will be red

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